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MEDISTRA HOSPITAL is a private hospital that commenced its operation on November 28, 1991 and located in the heart of Jakarta.  Medistra has been equipped with advanced medical technologies that deliver excellent facilities and services by highly regarded specialist.  In line with rapid development of health technology, Medistra keeps upgrading its facilities and increasing the quality of services.  Medistra has 40 outpatient clinics with the average of Specialist Outpatients Clinic attendances about 90.000 patient per year.  The total beds capacity is 191 beds with the average of patient admission 8.500 patients per year. 

Medistra has its strength consists of Cardiovascular, Digestive Disease & GI Oncology, Orthopedic and Neuroscience, etc.

As the center of integrated health services in heart and blood vessel, there are  numbers of services at Medistra cardiovascular center. Among the services are out patient clinic, medical check up, angiography, open heart surgery, rehabilitation services, etc.  In addition, Medistra Cardiovascular Center provides medical supporting diagnostic such as Echocardiography, MSCT 256 Slices, MRI 1.5 Tesla, Catheterization laboratory and etc. The performance of Angiography is about  1.500 patients per year. This center is supported by well known specialists, such as Prof. Dr. T. Santoso S., Prof. Dr. Hanafi B. Trisnohadi, Sp.JP, KKV, Dr. Tamizi Hakim, Sp.BT, Dr. Dono Antono, Sp.Jp and many more.

In line with the commitment of developing medical technology, Medistra has been developing the Stem Cell program which was first conceptualized early in 2006 as a formal and ongoing conduit for collaboration with The Faculty of Medicine of University of Indonesia. This program is designed to address the increasing importance, in both the conduct of research and the development of clinical applications, of interactions between the fields of stem cell science, ethics, and public policy.

Medistra Digestive Disease & GI Oncology Center offers complete services for evaluating gastrointestinal disorders including motility  and GERD disorders. We also have well-established services in Advanced Imaging, Gastrointestinal Oncology, and Liver Diseases. Digestive Disease & GI Oncology Center provides expertise in all aspects of gastrointestinal disease management in a multi-disciplinary environment. Endoscopic services offer cutting-edge endoscopy, include motility, ERCP, and advanced therapeutic endoscopy techniques.  Medistra Digestive Disease Center is supported by renowned specialist, such as Prof. Dr. LA Lesmana, PhD., Dr. Waldemar Simanjuntak, Sp.PD, Dr. C. Rinaldi, Sp.PD, Prof. Dr. R. Sjamsuhidajat, Sp.B-KBD, Dr. Ibrahim Basir, Sp.B-KBD, and many more. As the need for healthcare service, particularly in the area of Hepato-Gastroenterology, Digestive Disease & GI Oncology Center (DDOC) has taken strategic cooperation with the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad, India. Both parties have legally signed the memorandum of understanding in 2010.

Medistra Orthopedic Center is established as a mean of delivering best health services.  Medistra Orthopedic Center offers a range of diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation service that include Orthopedic Surgery, Joint Replacement, Spine Surgery, Hand Surgery, Foot & Ankle Surgery, Sports Medicine, etc. We are supported by highly trained specialist, such as Dr. Nicolaas Budhiparama, FICS (Board of Committee of Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society, Vice President and Founder of ASEAN Arthoplasty Association, President and Founder of Indonesian Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, etc.), Dr. Andri Lubis, Sp.OT, and more. We have extensive experience in total knee replacement, total hip replacement, arthoscopy surgery,  shoulder reconstructive, by using the technology of CAOS (Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery). CAOS helps orthopedist superimpose the position of the instruments as they are used in surgery. It also can reduce costs, and complications.

Medistra Neuroscience Center is a multidisciplinary unit dedicated to the effective diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases. The Neuroscience Center uses various state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures, including EEG, Brain SPECT, RTMS / TMS (Repetitive Trans cranial Magnetic Stimulation), ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy is a non surgical and non invasive treatment to heal many chronic painful orthopedic conditions) and Neurosurgery.Sleep  and Snoring Clinic is the one if the service which dedicated to the treatment of sleep disorder, insomnia, including relaxation therapy in order to make this center one stop services for neuroscience problems.

In Medistra Intensive care units (ICU and ICCU), the most seriously ill patients are treated by specially trained team. The team consists of specialist, well-trained 24 hour doctors in-charge, nurses, etc. They work closely together as a team to provide the best possible patient care. Intensive Care Unit is supported by sophisticated equipment. The level of nursing care in the ICU is higher than any other parts of the hospital. Medistra has 21 beds for intensive care for pediatric and adult patients and 4 Neonatal Intesive Care Unit beds for neonatal. We take care of premature infants whose weight is less than 600 grams. The level success in treating patient with NICU is above 90 % using ventilator high frequency oscillator while each patient is entitled to having one attended nurse. About 30% of referral patients in NICU are from hospital, and maternity clinics in Jakarta. As a Head of NICU, Dr. Eric Gultom, Sp.A responsible for this department. In addition since the patient of NICU is high risk patient consequently the presence of specialist and the availability of high-tech medical equipments have given great contribution to the intensive care and treatment of neonatal.

Urology Center has been established since 2009. This clinic is aimed at delivering a one stop service of evaluation and treatment for all types of urological conditions. The services provided consist of diagnostic procedures and treatment such as ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) for kidney stone, PCNL (minimal invasive procedure to remove medium-size or larger kidney stones from the patient's urinary tract), UTS/URS (lithotripsy which highly successful rate for all kidney and ureteric stones), TURP (Surgical procedure for prostate gland removal through the urethra). We perform mostly minimal invasive procedures to enhance best result. 

The Dialysis Center offers a range of haemodialysis facilities for hospitalized patients and outpatients with chronic renal failure requiring dialysis treatment. The center also caters to patients in Intensive Care Units, and those who are critically ill and suffering from acute renal failure. Medistra provides 10 beds in Dialysis Center.

The Rehabilitation Department provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary medical rehabilitation for patients with disabilities resulting from illness or accident. The goal is towards optimal functional ability and mobility, enabling a discharge home, reintegration into the family and society.

 The rehabilitation department provide a comprehensive treatment to help patients to reduce pain, prevent injury, recover function and strength, etc. Our trained and skillful staff use modern technology and their ability to treat patients of various ages and physical condition. The treatments includes physical therapy such as ultrasonic, galvanization, interferential, cervical/ lumbar traction, inhalation, manual therapy, and speech therapy as well.


To be a national, regional and international referral hospital which prioritize in quality and patient safety based on honesty, professionalism and respect to others.



·        To comprehensively develop quality and integrated health service.

·        To establish national, regional and international business networking in providing health service.

·        To provide health service focusing on patient.

·        To improve Hospital Human Resources through science, skill, attitude and behavior.



"Smiling Service and Care"






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