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Among other cases, MEDISTRA Hospital provides the services and treatment of Obstetrics and Gynecology, including the cases of neonatal.

According to Dr. Eric Gultom, head of Neonatal Unit of Medistra Hospital Jakarta, patients with neonatal intensive care must get extra case since the case has high risk of death. In addition to the presence of specialist, the availability of high-tech medical equipments have given great contribution to the intensive care and treatment of neonatal.


As a means of delivering health services at services at best, Medistra Hospital has special service for NICU patient. The Level of success in treating patients with NICU is above 90 percent using Ventilator of High Frequency Oscillator (HFO) while each patient is entitled to having one specific nurse.

Owing to the success, NICU treatment at Medistra Hospital has become the benchmark of other hospital and maternity clinics. About 30 percent of referral patients at NICU Medistra Hospital are from those hospital and maternity clinics.


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