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Medistra Hospital now provides an emergency medical evacuation services known as Medivac, that organizes the patient transportation to any destination NATIONALLY and WORLDWIDE ! This professional service specializes in the transportation of critically ill patients, including neonatus and children.

Our team of dedicated specialists, doctors, and nurses with a full array of highly sophisticated equipment, can transform a plane into a flying Intensive Care Unit within hours. We also arrange the repatriation of patients under professional medical supervision to the hospital nearest to their homes.

We have experiences in transporting critically ill patients, patients with cardiac and respiratory problems to Singapore, Australia and other countries around the world. The patients are always being monitored on shore and on air until reaching its destination without any complications. Moreover, the doctors on board are the treating doctors; in that way we can provide our patients an accurate treatment during the transportation.


 Medivac services at Medistra are supported by:

  • Ambulance services (fully equipped with Intensive Care Unit type of equipment)
  • Air ambulance services using a chartered plane


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