Discovery CT750 HD

Discovery CT750 HD - 256 Slices is now available here in MEDISTRA Hospital, No need to go abroad …. 

The latest technology of CT scanning is now available with the present of Discovery CT750 HD - 256 Slice that can see very clearly, detailed & non-invasively the condition of coronary blood vessels in the heart and lipid plaques that cause the narrowing of blood vessels. Discovery CT750 HD is able to perform imaging with an overview of the various organs of the body are small angles using a high definition system thereby increasing the overall resolution.


Discovery CT750 HD with a speed of 256 slice CT Scan is the most advanced generation using Gemstone® who has the speed and dynamic control of a very significant so as to make the patient's comfort and safety of radiation to be lower than the previous generation.




Who needs this examination?


Discovery CT750 HD - 256 Slices is used to diagnose coronary heart disease 

  • Patients with an atypical chest pain and ECG and an inconclusive treadmill result may benefit from this procedure to determine the next steps;
  • Post-ballooning (stenting) patients or after a by-pass surgery may be followed up to see the current condition of coronary arteries, i.e. re-narrowing or new narrowing, without heart catheterization.
  • Persons with high risk factor for coronary heart disease, i.e. diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, smokers, a family history of coronary heart disease, not active elderly people  who has not yet been diagnosed of coronary heart disease. 


Discovery CT750 HD - 256 Slices to make diagnosis of other diseases  

  • Patients with symptoms of brain blood vessels disorder or a symptoms of stroke should undergo brain blood vessel angiography with Discovery CT750 HD - 256 Slices;
  • Patients suspected to have blood vessel obstruction in the leg;
  • The presence of respiratory system disorder;
  • The use of Discovery CT750 HD - 256 Slices would be very beneficial in detecting any digestive tract malignancy;
  • Discovery CT750 HD - 256 Slices may early detect a lung cancer which is common in person older than 50 years, smokers or mine workers.
  • Discovery CT750 HD - 256  Slices can be used for other organ evaluation, such as the neck, abdomen (liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, intestines, and urinary system), bones, and other blood vessels.




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