Emergency Unit

Based on our vision to be an international-standardized hospital which gives benefits to the community by providing high quality comprehensive services, we provide an emergency unit that open for 24 hours. All facilities at the Emergency Unit have been designed to work and function for any medical emergency situation you encounter




The emergency services including:

  • Life-saving management of patient with cardiac arrest or apnea;
  • Management of dyspnea;
  • Management of heart attack or heart failure;
  • Management of unconscious patient;
  • Management of traffic accident injury;
  • Management of injured patient, e.g. fracture, head injury, etc.;
  • Management of bleeding;
  • Management of stroke;
  • Management of seizure and febrile convulsion in children;          
  • Management of patient with wounds;
  • Management of intoxication;
  • Management of patient with acute abdomen;
  • Management of disaster victims


24-Hour Emergency Ambulance Service (for areas in Jakarta and outside Jakarta)

  • Available for a patient transfer escorted by an ambulance nurse;
  • Available for a MEDIVAC (Medical Evacuation), i.e. a patient transfer escorted by a MEDIVAC Team (doctor and nurse);
  • Stand-by ambulance.



                      Emergency Supported with Ambulance                         Facilities in Ambulance 


  • At emergency admission, a nurse will guide you to the examination room and ask you about your complaints and symptoms, while taking your pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, et cetera.
  • You will be examined by a physician in charge. Give him/ her clear information so your illness or disorder can be identified immediately.
  • Our administrative staff will request your identity card, medical record number or any insurance card.


Medical Support

  • Physician in charge might order several diagnostic tests, e.g. laboratory tests, x-ray, USG, ECG, et cetera.
  • Some test results may require 1 to 2 hours to be completed; therefore, you should wait for them before you are treated.



  • Emergency procedures will be performed immediately by the physician in charge, whereas definitive treatment will only be given after a diagnosis has been established.
  • If needed, the physician will consult the patient to a specialist for further diagnostic procedures or treatment.
  • If the patient needs to be hospitalized for more treatment, he or she will be hospitalized in the General Ward or the Intensive Care Unit; it depends on the patient’s condition.
  • Patient who does not need further care will be allowed to go home after being properly treated.


Emergency management is done immediately, accurately and comprehensively by our professional medical and paramedical staffs and supported by advanced and reliable facilities. Non-life threatening condition which does not need immediate action can be managed in the Emergency Unit, but patients with a true emergency situation will be prioritized.



We prioritize management of patient with life-threatening condition/ disease

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